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What Are Friends For

What Friends Are For © 2013                Credits

This website aims to encourage the gift of generosity. Simple acts of generosity have the ability to transform people and situations. When small groups of people band together in acts of generosity their power is multiplied and great things can be achieved.

There is nothing new in this concept – it is as old as time, as universal as the air we breathe. Giving and receiving transcends continents, race, gender and class. It can release, heal, and deliver hope, joy and laughter. But it’s not always easy.

As one spiritual teacher says:

“When you are practicing generosity, you should feel a little pinch when you give something away.”

Gelek Rinpoche

This website encourages you to feel that little pinch.

The beautiful image below capturing darkness and light has been given to the What are Friends For project by a practising South Australian artist, Roxanne Prime.
It will become our logo.

Rather than prescribe meaning to it through words, we hope it will speak in encouraging ways to all who visit this site.

Click on the image for a larger view.

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